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Exploring the Boundaries

Laura Apostoli

Exploring the Boundaries

Jodi Picoult’s Literary Investigations into Bioethics and Biolaw

Edizione: 2014

Collana: Lingue e Letterature Carocci (174)

ISBN: 9788843072255

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The increasing progress in biotechnologies has paved the way to brandnew challenges to basic notions defining our human existence. The meddling of technology with matters of life and death has led to the emergence of new forms of “liminal beings” and to the subsequent crisis of their personhood, in moral and legal terms. Literature offers the opportunity to investigate the impacts on human life stemming from scientific potentialities and pretensions. Within the body of literary works dealing with bioethical and bio-legal issues, two novels of the contemporary American writer, Jodi Picoult, are scrutinised in detail. In the selected works, the author delves into the topics of bioengineering and “savior siblings” (My Sister’s Keeper, 2004) and into the context of end-of-life decision-making (Mercy, 1996). Her narrative example significantly deepens the dialogues interlinking literature, bioethics and biolaw.




Introduction. Literature, Bioethics, Biolaw: Mutually Inspiring Intersections

1. Literature and Bioethics: A Matter of Equity

Moving beyond Principles/From Universalism to Particularism/Bioethics as/in Literature

2. Personhood through the Lens of Biolaw

The New “Other”/The Ambiguities of Personhood/Evolving Bio-Legal Paradigms/Philosophy Sustaining Biolaw/Bio-Rights in Theory and Practice


Literary Anticipations for Contemporary Debates/Jodi Picoult: Life, Works and Themes

4. Biotechnology Challenging Personhood: My Sister’s Keeper

Drawing the Line on Extreme Measures/Integrity, Autonomy, Choice/Who Is the “Keeper”?/Questions Left Open

5. Reframing the Boundaries of Human Finitude: Mercy

Killing out of Love/Illness Confronting Dignity/Less Equal than Others/Individual Rights versus Collective Concerns

6. Conclusions and Inclusions: “Better” Bioethics and Biolaw through Literature

More Liberty, Less Harm/Further Problematisations in Contemporary Narrative/ Literature, Bioethics and Biolaw: Future Prospects