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Specialized Communication and Popularization in English

Giuliana Garzone

Specialized Communication and Popularization in English

Edizione: 2020

Ristampa: 1^, 2022

Collana: Studi Superiori (1226)

ISBN: 9788843099931

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This book provides a comprehensive description of the linguistic and discursive aspects of domain-specific communication in its various registers. It first focuses on the aspects of specialized texts that are recurrent across domains and qualify as common distinctive traits of scientific and technological communication today. Attention then shifts to popularization, with a discussion of the main linguistic and discursive strategies enacted to make expert knowledge accessible to the lay public. The account of domain-specific communication provided is based on in-depth analyses carried out with qualified and updated analytical tools which are also introduced in some detail with examples of their application in the actual analysis of authentic texts. The description is often extended comparatively to Italian, to promote an awareness of the similarities and differences between the two languages in domain-specific genres, with a section devoted to some basic aspects of specialized translation. Throughout the discussion, plenty of authentic examples are provided to substantiate the analysis.


1. Languages for specific purposes and specialized communication: An introduction
Opening remarks/Languages for specific purposes: Distinctive characteristics
Part I
Specialized discourse

2. Specialized (or “technical”) lexicon
Non arbitrariness of scientific vocabulary: Historical perspectives/Characteristics of domain-specific vocabulary/Mechanisms at work in the creation of scientific and technical terminologies
3. Terminology
The main principles of traditional terminology/Onomasiological vs. semasiological approach/Mapping conceptual relationships/Defining concepts/Univocity and variation/ Terminological work and information technologies
4. Syntactic peculiarities of specialized texts
Nominalization: An introduction/Impact of nominalization on sentence organization/The translation of nominal constructions/Verb forms: Mood, tense and voice/Schematization procedures
5. From text to discourse
De-personalization/Thematization/ Pragmatic and rhetorical aspects
6. Genre in specialized communication
Defining genre/Analysing text in a genre-based perspective/Classifying and grouping genres/The research article/The abstract
Part II

7. The dissemination and popularization of specialized knowledge in contemporary society: Linguistic perspectives
Popular science in contemporary society/ Discursive practices in the popularization of science and technology/Popularization techniques on the surface of discourse/Cognitive- and pragmatic- level popularization techniques/Language reports in popularizing discourse/Entextualization: De-centering, re-centering
8. Traditional and new forms of popularization: From the press to Wikipedia
Newsworthiness/Text structure/From specialist knowledge to popularization: Case study 1/From specialist knowledge to popularization: Case study 2/Wikipedia/ted Talks/Concluding remarks
Authentic texts used for exemplification