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Aromatic and Medical Herbs: to Educate the Discovery and Communication of Their Properties

Aromatic and Medical Herbs: to Educate the Discovery and Communication of Their Properties

a cura di: Anna Antoniazzi, Enrico Bernardini

Edizione: 2019

Collana: Biblioteca di testi e studi (1287)

ISBN: 9788843099498

In breve

2017 marked the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Hanbury Botanical Gardens. As part of the numerous events to celebrate the anniversary, the University of Genoa (Department of Education) organized the conference Aromatic and Medicinal Herbs at Hanbury Botanical Gardens. Their Discovery and Gastronomic and Healing Properties, held on 29 September 2017 in Genoa and Villa Hanbury. This volume collects the first results of the meeting of scholars from different scientific and cultural backgrounds with a common interest in the world of aromatic and medicinal plants in an attempt to highlight the educational transversality found in the experience of the Hanbury Gardens. Moreover, the work casts a glance at the world of aromatic and medicinal herbs enriched by the many facets of the different disciplines through which the theme is addressed by the various authors: a contribution to a multidisciplinary approach to a theme of extreme topicality.


Foreword by Guido Amoretti, Nicoletta Varani, Donatella Panatto
Section I

The Knowledge of Officinal Herbs
1. Storytelling and Officinal Herbs: An Educational Approach by Anna Antoniazzi
2. Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs. The Main Element for History and Activities of the Hanbury Botanical Gardens in Ventimiglia by Luigi Minuto, Elena Zappa, Laura Cornara
3. Ethnopharmacology: From Empiricism to Science by Antonio Guerci
4. From Scientific Research to Social Repercussions, Desert Herbs: The Palmyra Reserve Project by Francesco Sincich
Section II
Educate Wellness through Officinal Herbs

5. From Aromatic Plants to Essential Oils: What Influences on Psychological Well-Being? by Guido Amoretti
6. The Garden Like a Place of Education. Educational Trajectories by Franco Bochicchio, Francesca Grassi
7. The Transgenerational Value of Educating People to the Healing Power of Siberian Herbs by Kristina Mamayusupova
8. Perception of the Use of Aromatic Plants: Between Stereotype, Prejudice and Scientific Evidence by Enrico Bernardini
9. Aromatic and Medicinal Illustrated Herbs: Poised between Art, Fantasy and Science by Elisa Varese
10. Aromatic Herbs and Spices in the Mediterranean Cuisine and in Food and Wine Tourism. Historical-Geographical Reflections by Nicoletta Varani, Enrico Bernardini
11. The Herbarium of the Basura (Witch). Magic Potions, Elixirs and Spells: From Traditional Ligurian Tales to Harry Potter by Anna Antoniazzi
12. Landscape, Gardens and Aromatic Herbs by Federico De Boni
The Authors


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