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Active Ageing

Active Ageing

From Wisdom to Life-Long Learning

a cura di: Guido Amoretti, Diana Spulber, Nicoletta Varani

Edizione: 2019

Collana: Biblioteca di testi e studi (1223)

ISBN: 9788843090457

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In breve

According to the World Report on Ageing and Health, the world’s  population aged over 60 years will go to nearly 2 billion from the current 900 million; Japan is the country with the longest life expectancy, Italy is second in the world and first in Europe. These demographic changes pose social and health problems that must be addressed not so much from a welfare point of view as by spreading lifestyles that minimize the period of non-self-sufficiency of an individual’s life. The volume provides an overview of the phenomenon of ageing using a multidisciplinary approach and collecting evidences of good practices from different countries, many of which developed in the framework of the tempus Project ctae and presented in various Conferences and international Seminars that were held from 2013 to 2017.


Foreword by
Luigi Ferrannini
The Framework by Guido Amoretti, Diana Spulber, Nicoletta Varani
Section I
Value of Ageing and Challenge of the Third Age

1. The Concept of Ageing through Time in the World by Antonio Guerci
2. Elderly People in Africa: Between Stereotypes and Reality by Guido Amoretti
3. The Extreme Geographical North and the Wise-Elder Image. A Reflection Comes from Scandinavian Literature by Simone De Andreis
4. Active Ageing Between Possibility and Necessity by Marco Schiavetta
5. Third Age European Perspective: Which Policies? by Alessandro Figus
6. Ageing: Which Future Opportunities. Geopolitical Aspects of eu Financing by Diana Spulber
7. Some Aspects of Social Work with Older People by Irina Sikorskaya
Section II
Quality of Life and Lifelong Learning

8. Poverty, Health and Welfare: Snap-Shot on Elderly’s Conditions in Sub-Saharan African Countries by Nicoletta Varani
9. Growing Old in Brazil: Geoanthropological View on Increase of Life Expectancy in the Population by Enrico Bernardini
10. The Impact of Inequality Factors on Frailty Conditions Among Older Population by Stefano Poli
11. Building Sustainable Learning: the Age-Friendly University (AFU) and Engagement of Older Adults for a Better Future by Rob Mark
12. Ageing-Friendly Economy and Labour Market for Seniors in Ukraine by Alina Khaletska
13. Physiological Basis of Storage Longevity in the Sport of Elite Athletes of Various Specialisations by Gaik ?leksanyants, Svetlana Pogodina
14. Education of the Third Generation Makes a Person Necessary for Society by Mutallim Rahimov
15. The Travails of the University of the Third Age Movement: a Critical Commentary by Marvin Formosa
Section III
Third Age and Activity: Hypothesis and Experiences

16. University of the Third Age, Italian Framework by Chiara Moscatelli
17. University of the Third Age Genoa Experience by Francesco Surdich, Monica Sbrana
18. Specifics of Senior Education in Slovakia by Drahomíra Gracová, Erik Selecký
19. Issues and Problems of Adult Learning in Ukraine by Artur Horbovyy
20. Social Integration of Ukrainian Ageing People by Anna Chechel, Ievgeniia Dragomirova
21. Training-Needs Assessment as a Basis for Creation of Study Programmes for Third Age Persons by Diana Spulber, Tatiana Tereshkina, Svetlana Tereschenko
22. Centre for Third Age Education in vrsus: First Experience by Anna Kara, Elena Kuznetcov
23. Peculiarities of Management of Labour Potential in Third Age Individuals by Galina Gagarinskaia, Irina Kuznetcova, Diana Spulber
Closing Remarks by Guido Amoretti, Diana Spulber, Nicoletta Varani