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Teaching Older Adults

Anna Siri, Diana Spulber, Nicola Luigi Bragazzi

Teaching Older Adults

European and Trans-European experience

Edizione: 2019

Collana: Biblioteca di testi e studi (1233)

ISBN: 9788843090396

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Addressing the challenges of the rapid ageing of the population in a time of delicate economic and social changes represents a crucial point for governments and civil society as a whole. This book is designed to assist all stakeholders who want to understand how the impact of adult learning programs has already helped to transform the society and how newer initiatives are likely to conduct to healthy and active aging in the coming decades.


1. Review the Situation of Older People in Contemporary Society
2. Policy Framework for “Active Ageing”
3. Competencies in Later Life: Empirical Background
4. Learning and Education: An Overview of the Major Theories
5. Active Teaching Techniques in Education of Older People
6. Education for Elderly: State of the Art of Programmes and Initiatives