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Teaching Accessibility and Inclusion

Lucia de Anna

Teaching Accessibility and Inclusion

Edizione: 2016

Collana: Biblioteca di testi e studi

ISBN: 9788843080878

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The volume focuses on the relationship between educational accessibility  and inclusion that are seen through the eyes of Special Education, with the  valuable contribution of international experts.  A large space is dedicated to reflection on training of specialised teachers in  the processes of integration and inclusion in the light of the experimental  research conducted. Particular emphasis is given to the construction of the  expertise necessary to enhance learning for all students. Among these, we  find skills ranging from the ability to cooperate and coordinate with the  various actors involved in the processes of inclusion to creative and narrative  skills or capacities in the use of technologies in an inclusive perspective.  The text can be an important moment of deepening of teacher training and  a boost to qualitative research to promote an inclusive school and society at  the international level.

With Contributions by Marta Sánchez Utgé, Véronique Poutoux,  Antonello Mura, Silvio Marcello Pagliara,  Marzia Mazzer, Pasquale Moliterni, Alessio Covelli.


Introduction. Intervention, Strategies and Purposes by Lucia de Anna

1. Internationalization, Inclusion and Educational Practices by Lucia de Anna

2. Universal Design and Education for All: a Look at Spain by Marta Sánchez Utgé

3. Educational Accessibility and Inclusive School in France: Specialized Teachers? by Véronique Poutoux

4. Accessibility: Educational Perspective for Integrated Physical and Sport Activities  by Antonello Mura

5. Integrated Physical Activities and Inclusive Teaching Strategies: Experiences in University Education by Lucia de Anna

6. Use of Different Media and Technologies in the Inclusive Educational Didactics  by Silvio Marcello Pagliara

7. Narration Methods, Accessibility and Inclusive Contexts by Marzia Mazzer

8. Inclusive and Affluent Society: Educational Actions and Mediations  by Pasquale Moliterni

9. Teachers’ Skills for an Inclusive School in Educational Practices by Lucia de Anna

10. Inclusion Quality Indicators in the Training of Teachers by Alessio Covelli