Carocci editore - Variation in English across time, space and discourse

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Variation in English across time, space and discourse

Daniela Cesiri

Variation in English across time, space and discourse

An introductory textbook

Edizione: 2016

Collana: Lingue e Letterature Carocci (208)

ISBN: 9788843078028

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This textbook is an introduction to the phenomena and processes of language change and variation in the English language in the past as today. The volume describes how English varies in geographical as well as in occupational/disciplinary settings; the aim is to provide students, who study English as a foreign language in mainstream courses in Italian Universities, the basic notions to better understand to what extent English differs according to the geographical and/or the domainspecific context. The textbook is for students with an intermediate/ advanced level of English (b2/c1 level of the cefr). Practice activities, already tested during lessons, complete each chapter and can be used during classes as well as for individual study.


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1. Language variation and change in the English language

The English language: linguistic studies and collocation/Language variation and change: some definitions/Mechanisms of language change and variation in English/Semantic change/Word-formation in English/Test yourself: activities and practice

2. The history of English and its global spread

Introduction/Celtic Britain (1500 c. BC-50 AD)/Roman Britain (55 BC-410 AD)/Anglo-Saxon England (the OE period, 550 c.-1066)/Vikings in England and the Danelaw/The ME period (1066-1500 c.): historical background/The EModE period (1550 c.-17 00 c.)/The LModE period (from 17 00-20 to 1900-20)/The spread of English/Classifying varieties of English: the Three-Circle Model/English as a global language/ELF/Test yourself: activities and practice

3. Variation in English across time and space

Introduction/Received Pronunciation (RP)/Estuary English (EE)/Categories of English varieties: diatopic variation at home and overseas/English-based pidgins and creoles/Native varieties of English: the UK/Native varieties with a substratum: Celtic Englishes/English in Wales/English in Scotland/English in Ireland/Native varieties of English overseas: English in America/English in Australia/English in New Zealand/Test yourself: activities and practice

4. Professional and occupational varieties of English: variation across discourse

What is discourse?What is specialised discourse?/Variation across SDs/Identifying SDs/Lexical features of SD/Expanding the lexicon of SDs/Syntactic features of SD/Textual variation in ESP/SD/The popularisation of ESP/SD/ Three cases of variation in ESP: ICT, LoT, food blogs/Conclusions

Test yourself: activities and practice