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Working Through Hiroshima

Antonio di Campli

Working Through Hiroshima

Arata Isozaki’s Destructive Visions

Edizione: 2015

Collana: Biblioteca di testi e studi (1021)

ISBN: 9788843075584

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In breve

This book presents a series of reflections that aim at proposing innovative interpretative hypotheses about a text written by Arata Isozaki in 1962 entitled City Demolition Industry, Inc., a text conceived as a short story and drawn up according to the canons of a literary narrative. An inquiry into this short text allows us to understand some dynamics characterizing modernism experimental endgames that flourished worldwide during the 1960s and to highlight the formation of an Eastern idea of “postmodernism of resistance” associated with the image of ruin and with the concept of destruction intended as the metaphor of ultimate design control.


1. A Subject both Concise and Ramified
Japan and Postmodernism/Reading City Demolition Industry, Inc.
2. A Lack of Resistance
A Distinctively Japanese Notion of Postmodernity
3. The Destructive Discourse: A Postmodernity of Darkness, Termination, Ashes
Victor Frankenstein’s Body/ States of Ruin
Index of Names
Index of Places