Carocci editore - Remediating, Rescripting, Remaking

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Remediating, Rescripting, Remaking

Michela Canepari, Gillian Mansfield, Franca Poppi

Remediating, Rescripting, Remaking

Language and Translation in the New Media

Edizione: 2016

Collana: Lingue e Letterature Carocci (213)

ISBN: 9788843075430

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The volume collects papers that focus mainly on the notion of remediation as a form of interlinguistic, intersemiotic and audiovisual translation. In particular, they propose not only readings of literary and other kinds of spoken and written texts, but also of reality as such, in all its cultural, social, political and historical facets. Moreover, the contributions not only work as a valid analytical tool for understanding the contemporary world we live in, highlighting tastes, fears and developments, but they also bring to the fore the strategies we adopt in the process of reading, interpreting, constructing, re-constructing and translating the reality that surrounds us. In sum, they provide helpful insights into remediation as the process of codification, de-codification and re-codification of our world.


Introduction of Michela Canepari, Gillian Mansfield, Franca Poppi

The Space of Italian Dubbing: from Naturalness to Creativity in Fictive Orality Maria Pavesi

Dubbing into English Christopher Taylor

Audiovisual Translations of Diasporic Films: Doubles with Slight Pepper, a Case Study Eleonora Esposito

E. M. Forster’s A Room With A View: Cultural and Linguistic Elements in the Novel’s Afterlives Irene Ranzato

Foreignising or Domesticating Montalbano? The Translation of Dialect in Camilleri’s Detective Novels Valeria Monello

The Remediation of Harry Potter: an Intersemiotic Perspective Vanessa Leonardi

The Good Wife: Intralinguistic Rescripting of Special Languages in Audiovisual Products Adriano Laudisio

Re-Mediating Identity: a Linguistic and Multimodal Analysis of Televised Format Transferral Bronwen Hughes

Making ‘Specialised’ Languages ‘Popular’ via Audio-Visual Material Michela Canepari

Remaking the Remake: the Linguistic and Cultural Journey of the TV series In Treatment Micòl Beseghi

La chiave della lingua d’America: Remediation of Roger Williams’ A Key into the Language of America Jodi L. Sandford, Annalisa Volpone

Interlingual (Re)Mediation: Translation between Virtual Reality and Effective Engagement Paola Brusasco

Building Shared Values through Rewriting: the Case of the Montréal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities Giuliana Garzone, Paola Catenaccio

Multiple Language Institutional Discourse: the Secretary General’s Preface to the FAO’s State of Food Insecurity Annarita Tavani

On the Challenges of Recoding English into Italian during the Simultaneous Interpretation of Political Speeches Emanuele Brambilla