Carocci editore - Concepts and Categories of Emotion in East Asia

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Concepts and Categories of Emotion in East Asia

Concepts and Categories of Emotion in East Asia

a cura di: Giusi Tamburello

Edizione: 2012

Collana: Lingue e Letterature Carocci (139)

ISBN: 9788843063765

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The topic of ‘emotion’ is studied by many scholars not only for the variety of aspects involved, but also for its extreme importance in understanding what characterizes a specific culture at a given time. In this volume, the attempt at describing concepts of emotion in various cultures of East Asia, and at defining the relevant categories, results in proposing new tools for a wider interpretation of the cultures of those areas which are deeply influenced by the Chinese cultural tradition. As emotional phenomenon has a multifaceted nature, an effort has been made to adopt a multifarious approach to its description and analysis. Contributions to this volume range, therefore, from literature to arts, from philosophy to medicine, from religion to political thought, and so forth. The classification of emotions, based as they are on human nature, is a complex issue that presents a ‘natural’ tendency to escape from any kind of classification. In this respect, observing the process of analysis of emotion from different cultural approaches is one of the qualities of this volume. The wish is that Concepts and Categories of Emotion in East Asia may turn into a useful reference for all those interested in a constructive approach to the emotional component of East-Asian cultures.


by Giusi Tamburello
by Paolo Santangelo
Phosphenes and Inner Light Experiences in Medieval Chinese Psychophysical Techniques: An Exploration
by Rudolf Pfister
Mind-heart and Emotions in the
Analects by Yuet Keung Lo
Music as a Semiotic Mediator: A Philosophical Approach to Xunzi’s Theory of Music
by Elisa Sabattini
’s Gardens: From Symbolism to Personal Expression and Emotion. Gardens and Garden Design in The Tale of Genji by Mara Miller
Rage and Indignation at the End of the Yuan and the Beginning of the Ming
by Li Ma
Fragments of
Qing ?. The Qingshi leilüe ????and the Literary Categorization of “Love” in 17th Century China by Barbara Bisetto
The Rhetoric of Emotion in
17th Century China and Japan by Tamara H. Bentley
View of Emotions in
Jin Ping Mei: Perceptions of the “Moods” and Their Expression by Tomoyuki Tanaka
A Review of Zhu Yizun’s
Jingzhiju shihua by Jianyu Zhou
Emotions and Politics: “Rexue Ribao” and the May
30th Movement by Mara Caira
Freedom and Restraint in the World of Tea
by Richard Bullen
Intellectual Intersections between the State and the Public: A Question of Emotional Capital?
by Maurizio Marinelli
Concepts of Humorous Emotions in Javanese Shadow Theatre
by Arndt Graf
Re-Creating Emotions in Chinese Poetry of the
1960s and 1970s by Giusi Tamburello