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Bullying and Cyberbullying in Adolescence

Bullying and Cyberbullying in Adolescence

a cura di: Maria Luisa Genta, Antonella Brighi, Annalisa Guarini

Edizione: 2010

Collana: Biblioteca di testi e studi (553)

ISBN: 9788843050277

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Cyberbullying is a newtopic in international research.However, recent studies have pointed out howthis phenomenon is existing and howit is expanding in relation to the growth of the newtechnologies. In the first part of the text the theoretical implications of cyberbullying are critically discussed through the presentation of international studies; in the second part, newquantitative and qualitative data on cyberbullying are presented in large samples of pre-adolescents and adolescents, including a qualitative interpretation of single cases and showing different scenarios in Italy, Spain and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The different chapters point to a polyphonic interpretation of the specificity of cyberbullying in the light of developmental, social and clinical psychology, of educational sciences, of sociology, not excluding a legal interpretation of the cases treated. This text offers a chance for reflection to students, parents, educators, teachers, school board directors and to all thosewho are involved in the relational dynamics among pre-adolescents and adolescents, connected to the benefits and risks of the newtechnologies.


Preface by Maria Luisa Genta, Antonella Brighi, Annalisa Guarini
1. Bullying in the Digital Age by Antonella Brighi, Annalisa Guarini, Maria Luisa Genta
Introduction/Relations among adolescent peers/The phenomenon of bullying/Mediated communication in the new technology/Cyberbullying/The diffusion of cyberbullying: methodological problems/Technologies and modalities of aggression in cyberbullying/Continuity and discontinuity between traditional and
cyberbullying/The DAPHNE II Programme and the project An investigation into forms of peer-peer bullying at school in pre-adolescent and adolescent groups: new instruments and preventing strategies/Bullies and victims between traditional bullying andcyberbullying/Conclusions
2. A Psychosocial Reading of Cyberbullying by Giannino Melotti, Roberta Biolcati, Stefano Passini
Introduction/Social psychology’s contribution to the comprehension of the phenomenon of bullying/Cyberbullying: aggression through use of the new technology/Adolescents, presentation of themselves and risk of
victimisation online/Conclusions
3. Behavioural Psychopathology Online and Cyberbullying by Sandra Nicoletti, Francesca Gallingani
Introduction/Behavioural psychopathology online/Relations with the figures of attachment and their effects
on behaviour online/Conclusions
4. Traditional Bullying and Cyberbullying in Italian Secondary Schools by Annalisa Guarini, Antonella Brighi, Maria Luisa Genta
Introduction and aims/Method/Results/Discussion/Conclusions
5. Exploring Cyberbullying: a Spanish Study by Rosario Ortega, Joaquín A. Mora-Merchán, Juan Calmaestra,Claire Monks
Introduction/Method/Results/Discussion and conclusions
6. The Phenomenon of Bullying in Bosnia-Herzegovina by Elena Malaguti, Andrea Canevaro, Ognjen Tomic´,Cimeta Hatibovic´, Selma Mesanovic´-Hod?ic´
Introduction/Explorative research and the context of reference/The study and quantitative data/Qualitative aspects of research/Some considerations about the study/Conclusive comments
7. Peer Group Bullying and Abuse by C imeta Hatibovic´, Selma Mesanovic´-Hod?ic´, Andrea Canevaro, Elena Malaguti, Ognjen Tomic´
Bullying as a social problem/Types of abuse among children/Terminological difficulties in practice/Protecting children from abuse through the legal system/Importance and role of family in the psychological development
of a child/Importance and role of the school/Who are the persecutors?/Who are the victims of violence?/Research on violence, studies in schools of Bosnia-Herzegovina/Frequency of violence among peers
8. Cases of Cyberbullying: a Narrative Analysis of Stories Recounted by Young People by Lucia Berdondini, Elena Buccoliero
Introduction/The telephone hotline: two cases of death threats/Stories of cyberbullying recounted by young people:
images that defame/Conclusions
9. Denise: from a ‘Joke’ to the Courtroom by Elena Buccoliero, Alessandro Chiarelli
Irina’s report/In courtroom/A judicial interpretation of a social problem