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On the move

On the move

European Social Work Response to Migration

a cura di: Gaby Franger, Mirka Necasová

Edizione: 2008

Collana: Biblioteca di testi e studi (466)

ISBN: 9788843047864

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This volume presents the history, the developments of integration programmes and the treatment of immigrants and minorities in different European regions. It shows the approaches of social work and social workers that were developed through these processes. The articles can be read as regional studies that allow basic approximations of the different histories and situations, but also as case studies presenting elements that are similar in social work throughout Europe.
Social workers have to face multiple challenges. They have to analyse the concrete situation, face diversity, differences and commonalities, and learn to use international and European instruments for a rights-based social work with immigrants. The institutions of social work have to open themselves to intercultural approaches. The debate about the discourses in society on culture, structure and individuality has to be deepened, both in social work institutions and in social work education. The book is aimed at scholars, social work academics, students and practitioners, and contributes to the discourse of culture-sensitive social work.


Introduction by Gaby Franger and Mirka Necasová
1. Migration and Integration in Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, and in the Netherlands, South Limburg by Barbara Krause and Karel Toussaint
Introduction/Migrants in Germany and the Netherlands/Integration Policies in the Netherlands/Integration Becomes a Political Topic in Germany/Cooperation and Influences in the EMR
2. Communal Integration Programmes. Two Different Examples: Vienna and Nuremberg by Kemal Boztepe and Brigitte Fischer-Brühl
Introduction/Retrospective/Organisation of Integration Work/Nuremberg’s Integration Policies/Final Remarks
3. Psychosocial Barriers to Emigration. Influence, Range and Meaning (Diagnostic Research Conducted among Polish Emigrants in Germany) by Marta Guziuk
20th-Century Migrations. Some Historical and Research Remarks/The Phases of Migration/Psychosocial Barriers on Emigration/Some Suggestions to Social Work with Immigrants
4. Romanian Migration to Spain. An Intercultural Approach by Agustín Moñivas and Melania-Gabriela Ciot
Introduction/The Romanian Migration System/Intercultural Perspectives on Romanian Migration to Spain/Spanish Answers to the Issues of Romanian Immigration/Romanian Answers to Migration Issues/Conclusions
5. The Migration of the Roma from Slovakia to the Czech Republic by Imrich Vašecka
The Roma in the Czech Republic according to Statistics/The Social Situation of the Roma in the Czech Republic/The Migration of Roma from Slovakia into the Czech Republic after 1945/The Migration of the Roma after 1989 and after the Dissolution of Czechoslovakia/Forms of Migration of the Roma into the Czech Republic/Conclusion. The Migration Potential of the Roma in Slovakia
6. Migration and Future Challenges for Social Work in Lithuania by Romas Lazutka and Violeta Gevorgianiene
The Ethnic Composition of Lithuania/New Evidence of Migration/System of Social Integration/Ongoing Challenges/The Demand for New Knowledge
7. Island of Dreams. The Experience of Overseas Social Workers in England by George Butunoi and Brian Dimmock
Introduction/Approach to the Research/The Findings/Conclusions
8. An Investigation of the Systemic Discrimination of Social Carers in Social Work Training and Practice by Christine Bon
The French Context/The Specific Purposes and Context of the Research/Methodology/The General Research Results
9. Mirrored Encounters. Migrants’ Life Stories and their Contribution to Social Work with Host Societies and their New Inhabitants by Javier Escartín Sesé
Introduction/Two Mirroring Life Stories: Minchong and María Luisa/A Real Meeting: the Practical Application of this Investigation/The Didactic and Formative Utilisation of Mirrored Encounters/Conclusions for the Future
10. Power Relations in Social Work with Migrant Families by Ing-Marie Johansson
Introduction/Migrant Children and Research/Child Welfare and Immigration/Class, Gender and Ethnicity/Power and the Child Welfare Organisation/Power and Powerlessness/Conclusions