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Research Synergies in Social Professions

Research Synergies in Social Professions

a cura di: Maria Michailidis, Silvia Fargion, Robert Sanders

Edizione: 2008

Collana: Biblioteca di testi e studi (465)

ISBN: 9788843047857

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This volume offers a fresh outlook into research in social professions in a unique and interesting way. It has attempted to integrate socio-cultural factors harmoniously, giving special consideration to multicultural and multiethnic issues which are of increasing importance in the New Europe and beyond. Through the many diverse articles, this book emphasizes that the concept and application of synergy have become increasingly important in social work and other areas of professional practice. By highlighting synergy, we hope to signify that research contributes to knowledge development when there are dialogue and interaction. In this way each research project is potentiated by the operation of other projects, thus actualizing the gestalt psychology maxim, ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts’.


Introduction: Enhancing Research Synergies in Social
Professions in Europe and Beyond by Maria Michailidis, Silvia Fargion and Robert Sanders
Part One
Reflection on Research in Social Work
1. The Sociology of Modernity and Social Work by Gérard Moussu
The World from Which We Come/The Configurations of Post-Modernity/The Influence of Modernity on Ethics in Social Work/References
2. For an Ethical Reflection on Social Professions: Contradictions on the Justice Subject by Michael Knoch
The Importance of Intervention in Social Work/The Dialogical Character of Ethics/Dialectical Thinking in Social Justice/Researching a Model for Modern Ethics/Contradictions in the Theme of Social Justice/Conclusions/References
3. Approaching the Political Dimension of ‘Neutrality’ in Social Work Research: A Greek Paradigm by Vassilis Ioakimidis
Introduction: Is Social Work Research Neutral?/Case Study I: Social Work in Greece and the Wartime
Childcare/Case Study 2: The Homecare Project/Conclusions/References
4. Exploring Social Work through Models by Eva Johnsson and Kerstin Svensson
Introduction/Social Work Is Situational/Working with Models/Shapes of Knowledge/Practicing the Educational Model/Conclusions/References
5. Ethics in Social Research: Redefining ‘Research’ by Robert Sanders
Introduction/Background to Ethical Concerns in Research/Bureaucratisation of the Ethical Approval Process/Social Research and Medical Research/Conclusions/References
6. Research on Work Performance in Social Professions: A Competence-Based Approach to Social Work by Víctor M. Giménez Bertomeu
Introduction/Research Methodology/Results/Discussion/Conclusions/References
7. How Knowledge Builds Practice by José María Morán Carrillo
Introduction/Functionalism as a Vision of an Ordered and Organised World/Intersubjectivity as a Driving Force behind the Social Dynamic/Conclusions/References
Part Two
Researching Families
8. Family Associationism and Participation in the Governance of Family Policy in Italy by Carla Moretti
Introduction/Family Policy in Italy/Research Methodology/Results/Discussion/Conclusions/References
9. Conceptualising Families in HIV/AIDS Care: A Cross-National Perspective and a Model for Intervention by George Palattiyil
10. Experiences and Needs of Children and Adolescents Who Drop out of School through the Lens of Research
Findings by Christos Panayiotopoulos
Introduction/Setting the Scene/Local Context (Cyprus)/Conclusions/References
11. Social Work Intervention and Maternal Substance Use during Pregnancy by Jo Rees
Introduction/Implications for Social Workers/Ethical Issues/Confidentiality/Conclusions/References
12. Maternity Leave: Law and Reality for New Mothers in Cyprus by Haritini Tsangari and Stephania Pantzi
Introduction/Research Methodology/Results/Discussion/Conclusions/References
Part Three
Vulnerable Subjects
13. The Operation of Social Services in Greece and Cyprus in the Light of the Mediterranean Welfare Regime by Gabriel Amitsis
Introduction/The Greek Social Security System: A General Approach/The Cypriot Social Security System: A General Approach/Challenges for the Development of Social Services in Greece and Cyprus/References
14. Romanian Representations of Disability by Gabriela Ciot and Maria Michailidis
Introduction/Research Methodology/Results/Discussion/Conclusions/References
15. A Study of Employment amongst Disabled People in Andalusia by Antonio Iáñez Domínguez, Rosa M. Díaz Jiménez andAntonia Corona Aguilar
Introduction/Research Methodology/Results and Conclusions/References
16. The Body as a Factor for Social Exclusion: Methodological Design and Results of Applied Social Research by Antonio Iáñez Domínguez
Introduction/Research Methodology/Results/Conclusions/References
17. Living with HIV/AIDS: Researching the Lived Experiences of Women from Bombay and Edinburgh by Dina Sidhva
Introduction/Research Methodology/Results/Discussion/Conclusions/References
Part Four
Good Practices
18. Evaluation of Social Services and Construction of Social Work in Turkey by Aliye Mavili Aktaand Fatma Neval Genç
Introduction/The Children in Need of Protection and Institutional Care in Turkey/The Organisational Structure of the Institution/Research Methodology/Results/Discussion/References
19. Towards more Social Cohesion: A Case Study of Urban Community Development in Turkey by Aliye Mavili Akta, Mustafa Demirci and Fatma NevalGenç
Introduction/Research Methodology/Results: Description of the Research Area/Discussion/Conclusions/References
20. Professionals and Administrators Co-Developing New Praxes by Alessia Colarusso
Introduction/Research Methodology/Results/Discussion/References
21. The Interagency Management of Social Services at Local Level: A Case of ‘Best Practice’ within a District of Region Marche by Carla Moretti
Introduction/The Planning of Social Services: The Italian Context/Research Methodology/Results/Discussion/Conclusions/References
22. Cooperative Relations between Social Workers and Health Staff in a Case of Deinstitutionalisation by Stavros K. Parlalis
Introduction/Research Methodology/Results: Barriers in Joint Working and Suggestions for Its Enhancement/Discussion/Conclusions/References
23. Cooperative Inquiry as a Tool for Inter-Professional Work Development by Stefanos Spaneas and Despina Cochliou
Introduction/Research Methodology/Results: Group Discussions/Discussion and Conclusions/References
Conclusions by Silvia Fargion
Editors and Authors Biographical Details