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American Solitudes

American Solitudes

Individual, National, Transnational

a cura di: Donatella Izzo, Giorgio Mariani, Paola Zaccaria

Edizione: 2007

Collana: Lingue e Letterature Carocci

ISBN: 9788843044337

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American Solitudes: Individual, National, Transnational collects the papers presented at the xviii Biennial Conference of aisna (Bari, 2005), investigating solitude in the history, literature, and culture of the United States in its manifold and sometimes contradictory implications: from self-reliant individualism to narcissistic selfabsorption, from political isolationism to solitary global hegemony, from radical non-conformism to consumer massification, from loneliness in a boundless geographic or cosmic landscape to anonymity in crowded urban locations or in the cyberspace. American solitudes, however, are constantly underwritten by the covert or overt presence of other parties and agents, suggesting the converse possibilities of relationality, dialogue, and interdependence. In investigating American solitudes, therefore, the essays comprising this volume mean to investigate not just the inner dynamics of American culture, but also the dynamics of our own relationship with America.


Welcome Address Donatella Izzo, AISNA President Encounters Within and Without the Field of American Studies Donald E. Pease, Dartmouth College 1. American solitudes 2. The missing scene of interlocution 3. Of this time of that place 4. The spectre of Americanist comparativism 5. Questioning the questioner: an encounter within the field 6. A second look at the mirror-heterotopia of comparative literature: reencountering the field 7. Between Comparative American Studies and American Comparative Studies: an encounter within and without the field 8. Comparing notes: a second look at Izzo's history of Italian American Studies 9. Returning to the scene of an encounter without a field: the emergence of American Comparative Studies Unthinking Manifest Destiny: Muslim Modernities on Three Continents Susan Stanford Friedman, University of Wisconsin-Madison 1. Is modernization Westernization' 2. From Eurocentric diffusionism to polycentric modernities 3. Baghdad and Scheherazade: then and now 4. The memoirs of Mernissi and Nafisi: indigenous and indigenizing modernities 5. Conclusion Plenary One Plenary Two Family Ties and a Sense of the Past in Italian American Women Writers Lina Unali, University of Rome 'Tor Vergata' Molding Identity and Femininity in Tina De Rosa's Paper Fish and in Maria Mazziotti Gillan's Italian Women in Black Dresses (writing as a talking-cure) Elisabetta Marino, University of Rome 'Tor Vergata' Maria Fama's Poetry Franco Mulas, University of Sassari, Maria Paola Malva, University of Sassari The Mother Figure in Philip Roth's Portnoy's Complaint and Gavino Ledda's Padre Padrone Carmen Gresia, University of Rome 'Tor Vergata' Marty's Look: Solitude and Society in Italian Americana, 1955-75 Sebastiano Marco Cicciò, University of Messina Building a New Self: Ethnicity and Relational Patterns in Pietro di Donato's This Woman Giuseppe Lombardo, University of Messina Transnationalism and National Identity in the Italian American Labor Movement in the Interwar Years Stefano Luconi, University of Florence Solitude in Italian American Literature John Paul Russo, University of Miami, Florida American Outsiders: The Paranoid Strain in Contemporary American Fiction. An Introduction Paolo Prezzavento, Ascoli Piceno Jesus Christ as Outsider: The Culture of Faith in the American Media Bruce C. Swaffield, Regent University, Virginia Henry Joseph Darger: The American Outsider Paolo Prezzavento, Ascoli Piceno Panel One Panel Two Panel Three 01.Izzo-Zaccaria.3B 4-09-2007 11:21 Pagina 6 CONTENTS 7 Orson Welles: A Solitude Surrounded by Humanity, or An Isolato in Hollywood Umberto Rossi, Rome The Crying of Lot 49: Woman as Outsider Giuseppe Costigliola, Formia Cal(lie): The Hermaphrodite as an Outsider in Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides Fabio Saglimbeni, University of Rome Three Striving for 'Reality': Outcasts and Castoffs in Don DeLillo's Underworld Sabrina Vellucci, University of Rome Three Panel Four Solitude in a Networked Culture Brian Chanen, Warsaw University, Rob Allison, University of Sydney Lost in the Web: Digital Identity in Ronald Sukenick's Mosaic Man Brian Chanen, Warsaw University Connection through Solitude: The Reversal of Postmodern Tropes in Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves Rob Allison, University of Sydney 'Broadcasting Anonymously': The Disembodied Intellectual Hero in Delmore Schwartz's Fiction and Drama Alessandra Calanchi, University of Urbino Land/escape Angelo Capasso, University of Rome 'La Sapienza', Marina Morbiducci, University of Cagliari A Way from the Land Angelo Capasso, University of Rome 'La Sapienza' Gertrude Stein's Ida: An Instance of Land&scape Marina Morbiducci, University of Cagliari The Feat of a Non-Ordinary Memoirist: The Double Reversal of Autobiography in Vladimir Nabokov's Look at the Harlequins! Paola Loreto, State University of Milan Panel Five The Hand of Theory G. F. (Mena) Mitrano, University of Maryland in Europe The Artist and the Poet: Italian Art Works in Contemporary American Poetry as Space and Escape Antonella Francini, Syracuse University in Florence Fear, Flight and Fate: The Transcendental Quest in Richard Wright's The Man Who Lived Underground Ginevra Geraci, University of Rome Three In Search of (Post)modern Land/escapes: The Languages of the Ghetto as Practices of Resistance Politics Annarita Taronna, University of Bari Border Crossings and Visual Culture: Mexican Immigrants and American Reformers in the 1920s and 1930s Stephanie Lewthwaite, University of Nottingham 'My Art Speaks for Both My Peoples': Transnationalism, African American Visual Culture and the New American Studies Celeste-Marie Bernier, University of Nottingham Translating Borders, Performing Transnationalism Paola Zaccaria, University of Bari No More Alone with America: Early American Literary Studies and the Classroom Francesco Pontuale, University of Cassino After El Barrio: Teaching 'Puerto Rican' in Italian Anna Scannavini, University of L'Aquila 'Many of Your Opinions Could not Be Firm': A Transatlantic Approach to Teaching Colonial American Literature Sonia Di Loreto, Rutgers University - University of Naples 'L'Orientale' Kate Chopin's The Awakening: A Comparative and Transnational Approach Gianna Fusco, University of Naples 'L'Orientale' The Space between Nations: Teaching the Japanese American Internment from a Transnational Perspective Andrea Pacor, University of Kansas Panel Six A Transnational Patriot: Vachel Lindsay between Cultural Ecumenism and a 'Usable Past' Anna De Biasio, University of Bergamo Self-narrative and Transcultural Agency: Testimony to the Advisor Committee on Human Radiation Experiments Julie Boddy, Library of Congress, Washington DC Memorials and Mourning: Recovering American Indian Resistance in and to the Monuments of the Nation Stephen Germic, American University in Cairo Dream-Vision by Tillie Olsen: Recovering the Future Before Dying Cinzia Biagiotti, University of Pisa Herman Melville's Disenchantment: Against the Democracy of Society Cristina Arizzi, University of Messina By Way of an Introduction Donatella Izzo, University of Naples 'L'Orientale' The Dance and the Railroad by D. H. Hwang: Chinese American Masculinities on a Railroad Vincenzo Bavaro, University of Rome 'La Sapienza' Living Distance: Chinese Diasporic Writing in American Translation Serena Fusco, University of Naples 'L'Orientale' Translated Bodies, Migrant Metaphors. Scattered Reflections on Gayatri Ch. Spivak's Moving Devi and Trinh Minh-Ha's A Tale of Love Fiorenzo Iuliano, University of Naples 'L'Orientale' Troping 'Home' and Space in the South Asian American Diaspora. A Reading of Jhumpa Lahiri's Mrs Sen's Raffaella Malandrino, University of Naples 'L'Orientale' Kawaii/kowai: Manga in the United States Rebecca Suter, Harvard University Mao Zedong from a Trans-Pacific American Literary Perspective Manuela Vastolo, University of Naples 'L'Orientale'


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