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For a Gender Perspective within the Juvenile Justice System

For a Gender Perspective within the Juvenile Justice System

a cura di: Elisabetta Ciuffo, Elisabetta Colla, Isabella Mastropasqua, Beatrice Roselletti

Edizione: 2007

Collana: Biblioteca di testi e studi

ISBN: 9788843043590

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This volume collects the results of a research called 'The gijjs Project – Gender in the Juvenile Justice System'. Such European agis Programme stems from a prevention plan on 'female' juvenile offending and aims at exploring both quantitative and qualitative aspects of deviance as a whole, as well as at developing appropriate tools both by improving the knowledge and efficacy of current practices and creating new prevention and rehabilitation strategies. The gender analysis of juvenile crime is carried out in a systemic perspective considering such phenomenon under its various and complex factors and their interaction. Moving from the analysis of quantitative information (statistics and doctrine), an integrated research method was applied for these purposes and substantiated by subjective data collected through a biographical approach (past experiences of young offenders, focus groups with practitioners), in view of identifying operational prevention and reintegration strategies in a gender perspective. This volume provides as well with some contributions by international experts upon young girls' delinquency, presented during the Project's final conference. The whole work is addressed to all those dealing with deviancy matters at various levels (i.e. judicial authorities, public and private officers, practitioners in the judicial and criminological field) as well as to all those interested in seeking for appropriate tools, in a gender perspective.


Preface by Carmela Cavallo Introduction by Serenella Pesarin 1. The GIJJS Project (Gender in the Juvenile Justice System): Considerations over a Research by Elisabetta Ciuffo, Elisabetta Colla 2. Statistical Analysis Issues by Giuseppe Di Giovambattista 3. The French Research by David Allonsius, Luc-Henry Choquet, Yasmine Degras 4. The German Research by Friedhelm Feldhaus, Annelies Wiesner 5. The Italian Research by Maria Andò, Beatrice Roselletti, Stefania Totaro 6. The Romanian Research by Mihai Joan Mikle, Aurora Liiceanu, Doina Saucan 7. The Spanish Research by José Ignacio Arias Moreno 8. A Quick Glance at the Main Theories on Female Delinquency by Silvio Ciappi, Alessandro Padovani 9. Best Practices of Juvenile Justice under a Gender Approach in Sicily by Renata Mancuso 10. The Current Situation of Juvenile Justice in Serbia by Ivana Stevanovich 11. Reviewing the Barriers to Resettlement for Female Offenders Serving Short-Term Sentences by Lorna Brookes, June Leeming 12. Female Criminal Careers by Georgia Zara 13. Adolescence and Antisocial Behaviour by Alfio Maggiolini 14. Reintegration Strategies in a Gender Perspective by Hans-Joachim Plewig 15. Strategies for Girls' Empowerment by Donata Francescato 16. Considerations on Gender Perspective by Marina V. Gordeeva 17. For a Gender Perspective in the Juvenile Justice System by Isabella Mastropasqua Bibliography


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