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Literary Landscapes, Landscape in Literature

Literary Landscapes, Landscape in Literature

a cura di: Michele Bottalico, Maria Teresa Chialant, Eleonora Rao

Edizione: 2007

Collana: Lingue e Letterature Carocci

ISBN: 9788843043170

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The idea of landscape has become, in the last few decades, a widely discussed topic in a large spectrum of scholarly disciplines such as history, sociology, cultural geography, anthropology and ecocriticism; at least as much attention has been devoted to it in the area of literary studies. The present volume deals with landscape in relation to literature, culture and the arts; that is, with figurations of it in verbal and (in a lesser degree) visual texts, historically defined and culturally located. It includes essays by different authors on representations of landscape in literature (English, Angloamerican, Anglocanadian, Australian and Caribbean), on landscape painting in Italy in the 17th and 18th centuries, and on landscape aesthetics in eighteenth-century England. Issues connected to literary histories and genres, the canon, and the relationship between literary studies and cultural studies are also discussed in the introductory section Literary Landscapes.


Contents Introduction / Michele Bottalico, Maria Teresa Chialant and Eleonora Rao. Part One Literary Landscapes Mapping the 20th-Century American Novel Emory Elliott/ English Literary History as a Voyage of Discovery Laura Di Michele/ The Ecology of Wonderland: Textual, Critical, and Institutional Perspectives in Literature Angela Locatelli/ Building and Rebuilding the City of the Novel Patrick Parrinder/ Part Two British Landscapes, Landscapes of Elsewhere Landscape Aesthetics in the 18th Century: From Description to Vision Mirella Billi/ Joseph Addison's Pleasures of the Imagination: The Aesthetics of Nature Guido Mastroianni / Thomas Hardy and the Landscapes of Melancholy Francesco Marroni/ Colonial Geographies in Two Novels by H. Rider Haggard Elio Di Piazza/ Wyndham Lewis's Anti-Brittany: Breton Landscape and Traditions in The Wild Body Erminia Gaeta/ Violated Territories: Monkey Island, Baldry Court and No Man's Land in Rebecca West's The Return of the Soldier Marcella Soldaini/ Part Three American Landscapes, Landscapes of the Mind Literary Gardens of America: Landscapes of the Mind, Landscapes in the Text Andrea Mariani/ The Idyll and the Forest: British Landscapes According to 19th-Century Americans Michele Bottalico/ ‘The Earth, instead of Being Brown, Was Red, Purple, Green': Imaginary Americas in Virginia Woolf's The Voyage Out Eleonora Rao/ Nature as an Alternative Space for Rebellion in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit Guido Laino/ Landscape and Metaphor in Bradford Morrow's Trinity Fields Sante Farnararo/ Falling into Canadian Wilderness: Physical and Inner Spaces in Margaret Atwood Giuseppina Botta/ Part Four North, South, East, West... of What' Landscape Painting in Italy in the 17th and 18th Centuries Donato Salvatore/ Through Female Eyes: Mary Wollstonecraft's Letters from a Short Residence in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark Luisa Pontrandolfo/ Oriental Landscape: Complicity or Resistance in Lucie Duff-Gordon's Letters from Egypt Sabina D'Alessandro/ Recapturing the Past: Mediterranean Landscapes in George Gissing's By the Ionian Sea Maria Teresa Chialant/ In Never-Never Land: The Antarctic in Contemporary Women's Writing Nicoletta Brazzelli/ Shifting Sands: Islescapes in Caribbean Poetry Jane Wilkinson/ Wandering the Law: Nomadic Desertscapes and Topological Dreamings Erin Manning/ Bibliography/ Notes on Contributors