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Children, young people and families

Maria Josè Freitas, Günter J. Friesenhahn, Elisabeth Frost, Maria P. Michailidis

Children, young people and families

Examining social work practice in Europe

Edizione: 2005

Collana: Biblioteca di testi e studi

ISBN: 9788843032655

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This volume offers a consideration of key issues in social work with children, young people and families across the "new" European Union. It successfully balances diversity with thematic coherence and includes issues ranging tram ethics and rights, through to child protection and training, and countries as far apart as Poland to England and Sweden to Cyprus. Aimed at social work academics, students and practitioners, there are 12 chapters in 3 sections: issues related to the context; themes within practice and service delivery, and discussions of the profession itself. Drawing on original and secondary research, and utilising various comparative approaches, the volume can lay serious claims to be ground-breaking as a truly European social work text.


Introduction. Children, Young People and Families in a European Context, by M. José Freitas, G. J. Friesenhahn, E. Frost and M. P. Michailidis / Section A. The Context/ 1. Promoting the Rights of Children and Young People, by J. Dalrymple/ 2. Gender and Social Work: influences of Gender on the Process of Professionalization in Spain and Germany, by T. Bañez and G. Ehlert/ 3. The Welfare State, Third Sector, and Family in Italy: A Comparison with the German Model, by V. Fortunato/ 4. The Ethics and Political Function of Social Work, by G. Moussu / Section B. Practices/ 5. The Relationship between Social and Spatial Exclusion in an Urban Context: Consequences for the Development and the Behaviour of Young People, by D. Baum/ 6. Single Mothers and the Effects of Intensive Aid on the Quality of Their Lives: The Examples of the Netherlands and Cyprus, by A. van den Berg and M. P. Michailidis/ 7. Current Trends in Supporting Children, Youth and their Families in Two European Urban Regions: Amsterdam and Madrid, by W. Diekmann and A. Moñivas/ 8. Sexual Abuse and Child Protection in England, France and Germany, by R.H. Piquardt/ 9. Interdisciplinary Teams and Transdisciplinary Networks for Child and Family Inclusion: The Relevance of European Theory to Lithuanian Practice, by N. Veckiené and J. Eidukeviciūté/ / Section C. The Profession/ 10. Professionalization and Status for Child Welfare Workers: A Way of Mapping a Working Area in Social Work, by P. Dellgran and S. Höjer/ 11. Social Pedagogy: A Paradigm in European Social Work Education from German and Polish Perspectives, by G. J, Friesenhahn and E. Kantowicz/ 12. Supervision and Training of Professionals Working with Families and Minors at Risk, by A. Rodriguez, E. Roldán, L. Nogués and T. Zamanillo/ Authors and Editors