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European social work

European social work

Commonalities and differences

a cura di: Annamaria Campanini, Elisabeth Frost

Edizione: 2004

Collana: Biblioteca di testi e studi

ISBN: 9788843029679

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This book represents a fresh attempt at developing a general overview of basic information about social work in 24 European countries. For each country, an author succinctely explores the background of social work, including historical, political, social and cultural issues of significance, and goes on to consider how social work education developed, and into what kind of institutional context and with what kind of curricula. Professional issues are then addressed. The different definitions of "social worker" and their roles and activities are considered alongside their professional status and social standing. Finally, each chapter examines the future of social work in relation to challenges within the specific country and its current engagement with European dimensions. This book should help teachers, students, and professionals to develop a comparative approach. It will also I be useful far both associations and professionals because it offers an insight into practical issues and social problems within different regions of Europe.


Introduction, by A. Campanini and E. Frost/ Austria, by A. Weissenborn/ Belgium, by R. Masoch and M. Veevaete/ Cyprus, by M. P. Michailidis/ The Czech Republic, by D. Nedelnikova/ Denmark, by T. Mason/ England, by G. Wilkinson and E. Frost/ Estonia, by T. Tulva and H. Pukk/ Finland, by K. Urponen/ France, by G. Moussu'/ Germany, by G. J. Friesenhahn and G. Ehlert/ Greece, by M. Papathanasiou/ Hungary, by L. Istvan Fruttus/ Iceland, by S. Juliusdóttir/ Ireland, by P. Chiwangu/ Italy, by A. Campanini/ Lithuania, by R. Lazutka, J. Pivoriene and J. Eidukeviciute/ Luxembourg, by P. L. Prussen/ The Netherlands, by M. Jos  Freitas/ Norway, by A. Karin Larsen/ Poland, by E. Kantowicz/ Portugal, by E. Marques and H. Mouro/ Romania, by G. Ciot/ Spain, by T. Bánez Tello/ Sweden, by K. Gynnerstedt and S. H%jer/ Conclusion, by A. Campanini and E. Frost