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About English

Catherine Riley

About English

Introduzione alla lingua inglese
Contiene CD-ROM

Edizione: 2004

Ristampa: 3^, 2008

Collana: Università

ISBN: 9788843028788

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In breve

In un mondo e in un’Europa come quelli di oggi, sempre più caratterizzati da intensità di contatti, scambi e interconnessioni conoscere una lingua - nello specifico quella inglese - che possa fungere da tramite significa conoscerne gli elementi base e capire come questi interagiscano per dare significato a ciò che si dice e scrive. Ne discende che la Language Awareness è essenziale non solo per la conoscenza approfondita della lingua, ma anche come prerequisito basilare per un suo efficace e proficuo studio. Nel corso del volume lo studente è dunque accompagnato, con l’ausilio di attività guidate, in un cammino che parte dai singoli suoni per arrivare a parole e intere frasi, spesso attraverso uno stimolante confronto fra la lingua inglese e quella italiana, che evidenzia e chiarifica i più comuni problemi che lo studente italiano può incontrare. Completa il testo un CD, ricco di esercizi e di consigli per ulteriori letture in lingua inglese, che costituisce un indispensabile ausilio per verificare i progressi nell’apprendimento.


cd Contents
Preface, by Oriana Palusci
1. Sounds English: Phonetics and Phonology
Part One
Why Study Phonetics and Phonology?/International Sound Barriers: fixed phoneme inventories/Single Sounds: identifying phonemes/Long Lists: phoneme inventories compared/The Scaffolding: consonants/Sound Bite by Sound Bite: English and Italian consonants compared/Filling the Gaps: vowels/ Sign Language: ipa symbols in Standard British English
2. Sounds More English: Phonetics and Phonology
Part Two
More Sounds than One: production of sound strings/ More Words than One: connected speech/Fizz, Bang, Crash: sounds and meaning/Sounds Stressful: word stress/The Short and the Long of It: vocalic length/Stress Patterns: connected speech/Keep to the Beat: rhythmic shift in stress/Stressless: strong and weak forms/New Information: sentence stress/The Right End of the Stick: contrastive stress/Highs and Lows: pitch and intonation/Input and Output: phonological storage and retrieval of words/Chocolate and Cheese: written and spoken English compared
3. Bricks and Mortar Word Class
Categories and Classes: parts of speech/Bricks and Mortar: content words and function words/The Bricks: content words/The Name’s the Game: nouns/What’s It Like: adjectives/Getting Things Done: verbs/ How, Where and When: adverbs/Is That What You Mean?: ambiguity/The Mortar: function words/In Short: pronouns/Down to Specifics: determiners/Where and When: prepositions/Separability: adverbial particles/Supporting the Structure: auxiliary verbs/Links in the Chain: conjunctions/In a Class of Their Own/Both Sides of the Fence: words belonging to both categories/Good Grammar: descriptive versus prescriptive grammars
4. A Word Construction Kit – Morphology
Basic Bits: morphemes/Bits Needing Bases: bound morphemes/Fixing Bits: affixation/A Grammatical Ending: inflectional affixes/ Before and After: derivation/Meaning Before Grammar: the order of affixes/Double Duty: affixes which are both inflectional and derivational/Same but Different: allomorphs/Basic Bases: free morphemes/Making Sense: content morphemes and function morphemes/The Sum Parts: a summary of the different kinds of morphemes
5. New Words for Old? – How and Why New Words Enter the English Language
A Changing World of Words/Googols of Words: why so many new words?/From Gizmos to Bimbos: what do new words refer to?/Making the Grade: gaining widespread acceptance/Way to Go or Down the Drain: declining standards or exciting developments?/New Words, New English, a Whole New Language?: new varieties of English/Who Said That First?: other sources of new words/ Headline Hits: the popular press
6. On the Production Line – New Word Formation Processes
Open to Change: word class/Wordsmithery: the processes/Immaculate Coinception: coinage/Hisses and Bangs: expressive formation and sound symbolism/Could You Repeat That?: reduplication/Cheddar Sandwiches and Angora Cardigans: eponyms and toponyms/Invisible Change: conversion/Cart Before the Horse: backformation/In Short: abbreviations/i + i = i: compounds/Wordy Verbs: phrasal verbs/As Time Goes By: semantic drift/In Good Shape: figures of speech/The World in English: loan words (borrowings)/More Tricks than One: multiple processes
7. Wiring the Web – Word Meaning and Lexical Relations
Relative Meaning/Dictionary Definitions: denotation/ Personally Speaking: connotation/Two for One: homonyms/ Close Relations: polysemy/Sounds Similar: homophones/ Looks Similar: homographs/A Pyramid of Words: hyponymy/Parts of Wholes: meronyms and holonyms/ Contrary Mary: antonyms/Tommy Opposite: contronyms/ Shades and Shadows: synonyms/Friends and Relations: semantic fields/Friendship and Marriage: collocation/ Background Information: context/The Heart of the Matter: core meaning/Pretty as a Picture: figurative language/Frozen in Time: idioms, clichés and fixed expressions/Déjà Dit: formulaic language/Mistaken Identity: false friends and confusibles/A Wide Web of Words: multiple relations/Playing with Words: learning language the fun way