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Spurious ghosts

Mary Patricia Kane

Spurious ghosts

The fantastic tales of Vernon Lee

Edizione: 2004

Collana: Lingue e Letterature Carocci

ISBN: 9788843028566

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Spurious Ghosts explores the postmodern resonance of the narrative of Vernon Lee (Violet Paget, 1856-1935) by scrutinising the interconnectedness of her art historical writings and her tales of the fantastic. Focusing on the areas in which her narrative participates in the Nietzschean view of history, central to both the new historicism and much of the work of Foucault, these readings argue far a reconsideration of Lee's extremely original, and often iconoclastic, 'ghost' stories. The echoes of E. T. A. Hoffmann that reverberate throughout these tales are read as part of a haunted discourse of the fantastic that goes tram Freud to Lacan and finally to H lène Cixous. These readings attempt to reintegrate Lee's voice into that discourse of spectral presences by demonstrating how her fantastic narrative engages in a continuous meditation on the arbitrary nature of the dividing lines between the self and the other.


Acknowledgements/ Introduction/ 1.A Portraiture of the Supernatural: Amour Dure and Oke of Okehurst/Sight and Insight: Bringing the Portrait to Life/The UnpaintabIe Portrait: Oke of Okehurst/Of MeIodramas and Masterpieces/ 2.Threadbare and Faded History: Tapestry in Prince Alberic and the Snake Lady/Fantastic Landscapes and the Architecture of the Mind/From the Great Hall to the Storage Room: Renovating 3.History's Palace/"The Spectral is that which inhabits structure or identity in such a way as to dispIace or disrupt the propriety of the form from within/ 4.The Sculptor's Vision in A Seeker of Pagan Perfection/ 5.The Reified Feminine in The Doll/ Bibliography/ Index