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Banking changes in the European Monetary Union

Giorgio Calcagnini, Donald D. Hester

Banking changes in the European Monetary Union

An Italian perspective

Edizione: 2002

Collana: Biblioteca di testi e studi

ISBN: 9788843023790

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This book surveys banking changes in EMU countries in the past decade and intensively studies how banks in one country, Italy, are adapting. Banking systems differ across European countries because of distinctive national regulatory, political, and legal traditions. Until very recently the Italian banking industry was largely state owned and tightly controlled. The foundation for these arrangements was the Fascist-era banking code of 1936, which was formally replaced only in 1993. The resulting restructuring of Italian banks provides an unusual opportunity to understand how transitions are effected when regulatory regimes are radically changed. The volume includes a series of studies of Italian banks with the goal of understanding how the newly deregulated institutions adapted to a changed environment. This process of adjustment is likely to be repeated mutatis mutandis in other EMU countries.


Preface 1.The Recent History of and Trends in Banking in Developed Countries/Introduction/International Differences in Banking and Financial Markets/Universal Banks and their Increasing Importance/Industrial Structure and Banking/Summary 2.Italian Banks in the 20th Century Italian Economy/The Italian Banking Laws: An Historical Perspective/The Distribution of Italian Banks and Branches/Regional Distributions of Loans, Deposits, Population, and GDP in Italy/Financial Flows and Regional Economic Development/Summary 3.European Financial Integration: Some Lessons from Italy by Donald D. Hester and Fabio Sdogati/The Banking System in Italy/Regional Banking Markets/A Model of Noncooperative Market Behavior with Regional Price Discrimination/Summary and Interpretation/Appendix 4.Regulatory Change and Bank Profitability in Italy/Introduction/Statistical Cost Accounting and Other Models/Description of Data Sets/Empirical Results/Summary and Discussion of Results/Appendix 5.Determinants of Bank Branch Expansion in Italy by Giorgio Calcagnini, Riccardo De Bonis and Donald D. Hester/Introduction/An Overview of Italian Banking Structure/Literature on Branching/Bank Branching Decisions and Statement of Hypotheses/Data Resources and Descriptive Statistics/Statistical Methods and Empirical Results/Summary 6.Competition Through Innovation: ATMs in Italian Banks by Donald D. Hester, Giorgio Calcagnini and Riccardo De Bonis/Introduction/A Brief Survey of the Literature/Hypotheses about the Distribution of ATMs/Data Resources/Empirical Results/Conclusion Updating the Research and Prospects for the Future/Introduction/Interest Rate Differentials by Regions in Italy/Statistical Cost Accounting/Banch Expansion/Trends in Introducing Automated Teller Machines/Summary Bibliography