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The puzzling hero

Ilaria Luzzana Caraci

The puzzling hero

Studies on Christopher Columbus and the Culture of his Age

Edizione: 2002

Collana: Dip. Studi storici-geografici-antrop. RM3

ISBN: 9788843020461

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The years that preceded and followed the 5th Centennial of the discovery of America produced a great number of studies on the event and on its protagonists (in the first place, of course, Christopher Columbus). This caused a notable shift in perspective from the way they had been considered in the past. A more mature view of the events has now been introduced, given the awareness that Columbus' discovery is the most significant moment in a long process of European people's widening of their geographical horizon. This process started at least two Centuries before the discovery itself and was concluded only at the dawn of the 19th Century.The studies explored more deeply Columbus' enigmatic figure, certainly not an ordinary character, tenacious and determined, an exceptional sailor, but also a man of his time, with all the weaknesses and preconceptions typical of a very particular cultural education.Ilaria Luzzana Caraci gave a valid contribution to the renewal of the Columbus' historiography producing many studies on Columbus, on the conceptual genesis of discovery, on its effects on contemporary culture and, more generally, on the Columbus' historiography itself. These studies can be considered as essential and unavoidable prerequisites for any new research in this field.Some of the most significant essays that were published in periodicals and reviews have now been collected in this volume. The book proposes a less romantic, but certainly more logical and credible image of Columbus and stresses his historical role.


Foreword by Franco Salvatori · Part One. The Stages of the Discovery 1. Seeking, Finding and Discovering. The Stages of the Discovery · Part Two. Columbus' Voyages and Their Consequences 1. Christopher Columbus and the “Encounter” 2. New data on Columbus' Second Voyage. Arrival at the Lesser Antilles and Landing at Guadeloupe · Part Three. The Documents 1. Columbus' Postilla B 858c and Its Chronological Value 2. Regarding the So-called “Columbus' Map” 3. New and Old Documents Relating to Columbus · Part four. Columbus' Culture 1. Columbus and the Problem of the Longitudes 2. Columbus' Culture · Part Five. From Asia to a New World 1. Columbus' Asia 2. Columbus' Otro Mundo. The Genesis of a Geographical Concept · Part Six. Columbus and Genoa 1. Genoa and Columbus 2. Columbus' Nautical Culture · Part Seven. Columbus and the Historiography of His Age 1. Cassiterides, Gorgades, Hesperides after the Discovery of America 2. Columbus, Las Casas and Portuguese Voyages · Part Eight. Columbus, Martellus and the Fantasy of Some Scholars 1. The Cartographic Works of Henricus Martellus and the “Pre-discovery” of America 2. Henricus Martellus' Map in the Yale University Library and the Columbus Brothers Bibliography