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Gender and religion / Genre et réligion

Sara Cabibbo, Edith Specht

Gender and religion / Genre et réligion

European studies / Études européennes

Edizione: 2001

Collana: Università degli Studi di Roma Tre - Dipartimento di Studi storici, ge

ISBN: 9788843018796

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The ways through which women´s identity developed and diversified in the area which today we identify as Europe were determined to a great extent by the complex system of beliefs, practices, and representations expressed by the millenary history of christianity. Rarely dealt with by specific studies, the construction of gendered religious models has been highlighted by women´s and gender religious history since the Seventies and is the theme focused by the essays gathered in the present volume. They are the result of the lectures given in 1998 at the Universities of Oslo, Vienna and Roma Tre, within an international project organized by Norwegian, Austrian and Italian scholars in an effort to compare the gendered religious dimension in each national context as well as the different disciplinary approaches to this theme. The essays cover a chronological span which runs from the pre-christian world to the contemporary age. They aim to represent a teaching module capable of offering European students interested in women´s and gender history the possibility to search, within the co-ordinates of time and space, for both the unifying elements and the differences within a christian tradition which, rooted in different realities, has contributed to the development of a plurality of feminine identities.


Introduction by Sara Cabibbo Part One / Première Partie Ancient World / Haute Antiquité At the Roots of Women's Exclusion from the Public Sphere' The Heritage of the Aristotelian 'oikos' by Eva Maria Maier The Heritage of Old Testament ImPurity Laws: Gender as a Question of How to Focus on Women by Ursula Rapp Why Should the Law Protect Roman Women' Some Remarks on the Senatus Consultum Velleianum (ca. 50 A.D.) by Nikolaus Benke Part Two / Deuxième Partie Late Antiquity and Early Christianity / L'antiquité tardive et les origines du christianisme Man is the Measure of all Things : Gender and Integration in Paul's ekklesia by Jorunn Økland 'The Virgin whom the Powers did not Defile': Thoughts about Gender and Salvation in the Gnostic Text The Nature of the Archons Le rôle de la femme chez les Pères latins par Johannes Divjak Marcelline, la soeur de St. Ambroise et les vierges chrétienne par Michaela Zelzer Women Promoting Literary Inculturation : A Case Study of the Aristocratic Roman Matron Faltonia Betitia Proba and Her Biblical Epic by Michael Margoni-Kögler The Church as 'oikos': Main Canonical Consequences by Eva Maria Synek Women and Travelling in Early Christian Texts: Some Aspects of a Problem by Elena Giannarelli Supporters of Faith, Influencial Through Charity: Religious Concern and Social Visibility of Saintly Noblewomen in Later Roman Empire by Franca Ela Consolino Part Three / Troisième Partie Western Middle Ages / L'Occident médiéval Matristics : Ancient and Medieval Church Mothers by Kari Elisabeth Børresen Women in Civil and Canon Law from Early to Late Middle Ages by Maria Teresa Guerra Medici The Double Impact of Christianization for Women inOld Norse Culture by Else Mundal Two Models of Marriage' Canon Law and Icelandic Marriage Practice in the Late Middle Ages by Agnes S. Arnórsdóttir Part Four / Quatrième Partie Early Modern Europe / L'Europe de l'âge moderne Social Identity and Religious Identity : The Case of Isabella Farnese (1593-1651) by Stefano Andretta La reprise d'un ancien topos dans l'Italie de la Contre-Réforme: la veuve chrétienne par Sara Cabibbo A New Religious Congregation for Women : The Model of Maestre Pie during 17th and 18th Centuries by Marina Caffiero Gender Models in Europe in the 18th Century by Else Wiestad Part Five / Cinquième Partie Contemporary Societies / Les sociétés contemporaines Gender Perspectives in the History of the « History of Religions » by Katrine Lund Ore Women's History and Religious History in Italy: The Reasons for an Alliance by Anna Calissano Gender and Religion by Birgit Heller List of Contributors