Carocci editore - The Extraordinary Life of Foreign Language Learners

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The Extraordinary Life of Foreign Language Learners

Gian Marco Farese, Federico Pacchioni

The Extraordinary Life of Foreign Language Learners

Harnessing the Rewards of the Multilingual Experience

Edizione: 2022

Collana: Lingue e Letterature Carocci

ISBN: 9788829014002

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Learning a foreign language is like going on a trip; all you need is to choose your destination. What is the point of learning foreign languages? Which transformations do foreign language learners undergo? What are the benefits of becoming multilingual speakers and intercultural mediators? These and many other questions are answered in this book. Written for those who approach the study of foreign languages for the first time and intend to become intercultural mediators, it unveils the richness of the multilingual experience. Containing a wide range of linguistic examples and inspiring life experiences, the volume combines theoretical notions with practical advice to help you make the most of your foreign language learning experience. It will be an indispensable tool throughout your linguistic journey.


Introduction. For an Eros of Languages
1. Language Lovers: The Study of a Foreign Language as an Aesthetic Experience
2. Language Travellers: Adventures in Diversity
3. Bridgers of Worlds: Translating Languages, Connecting People
4. Souls Recast: The Transformative Quality of Foreign Language Learning
5. Expanded Selves: The Foreign Language Learner as Intercultural Citizen
Conclusion. The End of the Journey: Becoming Intercultural