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A socio-ethical education curriculum

Massimo Baldacci

A socio-ethical education curriculum

Proposals for a democratic school

Edizione: 2022

Collana: Biblioteca di testi e studi

ISBN: 9788829013920

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The present volume addresses the issue of socio-ethical education in schools from a curricular perspective. There are at least two reasons for choosing to take this kind of approach. The first one is the need to disclose this educational quandary under the perspective of the school dimension, which is related to the concept of what educating in school actually means. The second reason is associated with the need to enhance and make more systematic the focus on socio-ethical education as a key factor to making school action more effective. Both requirements result, in turn, from the challenges thrown up by the socioethical issues of our times. Therefore, with regards to the socio-ethical education issue, the volume puts forward a curricular hypothesis framework. It establishes guidelines which relate to the acquisition of democratic habits, moral reasoning skills, and the ethics of democratic debate.


1. The moral life quandary and the moral education issue

The logical geographics of the moral sphere/The structure of the moral quandary: the ethical life/morality antinomy/Directions in moral education/Moral education, indoctrination, and socialisation
2. A socio-ethical education curriculum approach
From moral education in general to its school form/Moral education at school and its social form/The curriculum concept and the curricular form of socio-ethical education/Socio-ethical education subjects
3. Socio-ethical education curriculum guidelines
Curricular guidelines to shape democratic habits/Guidelines for a moral reasoning education curriculum: analysis, dialogue, and discussion/Curricular guidelines for ethics discussion: discursive capabilities/Socio-ethical education and curricular knowledge: literature
4. Assessment and the socio-ethical education curriculum
Assessment patterns: regulatory assessment/Assessment patterns: the assessment balance sheet/Assessment strategies
5. Implementation of a socio-ethical education curriculum
Implementing the curriculum and its potential terms/Institutional terms: no to a corporate school, managerial principals, and competition/Structural conditions: no to beehive schools, chicken coop classes, and substitute teachers’ changeover
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