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Lives of Saints, Men and Women

Anna Falcioni

Lives of Saints, Men and Women

Franciscans in Pesaro (XIII-XV Centuries)

Edizione: 2021

Collana: Studi Storici Carocci

ISBN: 9788829004799

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  • Prezzo:19,00 18,05
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This study was born of a research project initiated by the Chair of Medieval History at the University of Urbino in the 1990s, with the aim of investigating the impact of Mendicant orders, and in particular of Franciscanism, in so far as it relates to both male and female orders, in the seigneurial context of the Italian Marches. This is a complex historiographical issue both because of the multiplicity of seigneurial regimes in the Marches, with their individual characters and political-institutional evolutions, and the inherent changes in the Franciscan order driven by internal conflicts and resultant necessary adaptations. By drawing on the most recent archival and historiographical investigations, this volume examines the development of Franciscanism in Pesaro and the life of its local saints during the period between the thirteenth and the fifteenth centuries. Examinating the religious context of Pesaro in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries implies considering the relations between the mendicant religious orders and the seigniorial power. In this perspective, the Malatesti and the Sforza strongly endorsed Franciscanism, supported and promoted its foundations, the administration of its convents and the cult of women and men saints within Pesaro’s spirituality


1. Franciscanism and municipal life in Pesaro (from origins to the fifteenth century)

Origins of the Franciscan settlement in Pesaro/The development of Franciscanism in the civic life of the town and the Signoria/The Observance in the female monastery of the Corpus Domini
2. The seigneurial historical context
The Malatesti/The Sforza
3. The Blessed Cecco of Pesaro (1270-1350)
The birth/The eremitic life/The Confraternity of the Annunciation
4. The Blessed Michelina of Pesaro († 1356)
The Blessed Michelina and her lineage/The penitential life/The devotion of the town and the Liber miraculorum
5. The Blessed Felice Meda (1378-1444)
Birth and entry into the nunnery/Life in the nunnery/From Milan to the Corpus Domini nunnery of Pesaro
6. The Blessed Seraphina Montefeltro Sforza (1434-1478)
From the court of Montefeltro to Pesaro’s Sforzan court/The event of her monastication/Life in the nunnery and the fama sanctitatis
Index of names and places